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All our shows are written and performed in the genre of ‘AMERICAN PANTO’. Very simply, a panto is family musical theatre that is affordable! The scripts are based on fairytales we all know and love. We like to say that the jokes are written for the adults but the magic is saved for the kids. The 4th wall is broken. We encourage the audience to interact with our actors, ‘Boo the step sisters and cheer for our Prince!’. Comedy is current, sourcing recent news stories and songs are from pop culture that fit in the show, moving the storyline along. It’s a fun treat that brings the whole family together and it only happens once a year, Christmas time.

‘Panto’ is derived from the popular British ‘pantomime’ and serves as many children’s first experience of live theatre.


2011 El Portal Theatre, NoHo
2012 Pasadena Playhouse
A new and exciting version of the age old fairy tale with modern music and comical twist. The wicked Queen discovers that Snow White has become the fairest in the Kingdom. Knowing she must get rid of Snow White incase she meets the Prince, The Queen orders Herma, her huntsman and her court jester Muddles to kill Snow White in the forest. Not being able to do the deed, Herman and Muddles direct Snow White to the Young Miners Cottage Annex where the seven Dwarves live. She can hide there while they pretend to the Queen they killed her. Unfortunately their plan is scuppered when the Mirror tells the Evil Queen Snow White is still alive. Disguised as an old lady the Queen enters the Dwarves cottage and hands over a poisonous apple to Snow White. She takes a bite and falls into a deep sleep. Muddles and Herman knowing that Snow White is in trouble, discover that a true loves kiss is the only thing that can save her. They find the Prince to take him to Snow White. Once they are all at the castle the Prince kisses Snow White, bringing her back to life and Herman breaks the Mirror taking all the Queens evil powers away. Snow White and the Prince marry and live happily ever after.
Songs Include: ‘BORN THIS WAY’ Lady Gaga, ‘YMCA’ Village People, ‘THRILLER’ Michael Jackson



2010 El Portal Theatre, NoHo
2011 El Portal Theatre, NoHo
Brother’s Grimm fairytale is set to modern music with a comical twist. Prince Charming and his “right-hand man” Dandini have decided to go on a Royal hunt but to spice things up swap places.  While in the forest Cinderella meets the Prince believing he is Dandini. The Prince decides to throw a Royal Ball so he may meet Cinderella once more. Cinderella’s father, Baron Hardup, has no money and is under the thumb of his two stepdaughters,  the Ugly Sisters. They continually bully Cinderella throughout the show and stop her from going to the Ball. Baron Hardup’s servant boy Buttons, is Cinderella’s friend and tries to stop the bullying Ugly Sisters. The Fairy Godmother arrives and magically create a coach (from a pumpkin), footmen (from mice), a live miniature horse and a beautiful dress (from rags) for Cinderella to go to the ball. However, she must return by midnight, as it is then that the spell ceases. As she runs away from the ball, Cinderella leaves one glass slipper which the Prince finds and vows to search his kingdom for whom ever fits the slipper. After an arduous search involving the ugly sisters, the Prince finds Cinderella, they marry and live happily ever after.
Songs Include: ‘LET’S GET LOUD’ J Lo, ‘JUST HAVEN’T MET YOU’ Michael Buble, ‘CALIFORNIA GURLS’ K Perry


2013 Premier
Peter Pan and a Pirate’s Christmas is the modern musical adventure show based on J M Barrie’s timeless characters. Chasing Tinkerbell in a game called cat and mouse, Peter tumbles into the bedroom of a young girl called Wendy. He invites her and her brothers to Never Never Land to meet all the lost boys. There they have much fun until Christmas morning when Peter and Wendy wake up to find everybody missing. The evil Captain Hook his side kick Smee and the rest of the pirates have kidnapped the Lost Boys! Through cheeky cleverness, the boy who can never grow up and his new friend Wendy set about to rescue the lost boys. With the help of feisty Tinkerbell they succeed  and set everyone free teaching Capt Hook and his pirates a lesson along the way! Peter takes Wendy and her brothers home safe to Calabasas Gardens and promises to return for them ever spring.
Songs Include: TBD


2013 Premier
The magic explodes in this folk tale, with slapstick comedy, dance and popular music. The wicked wizard Abanazar summons the spirits to tell him how he may obtain the magic lamp — source of all power. He is somewhat bemused to discover that the answer lies in a Chinese Laundry in Peking. Aladdin and his brother Wishee Washee are the son of the laundress, Widow Twanky, Aladdin holds the answer to Abanazar’s dream of world domination. Back in Peking, the Emperor proclaims that anyone gazing upon the Princess Jasmin as she passes through the village will be instantly executed. This is the kind of challenge that young Aladdin likes, so he rushes off to try to catch a glimpse of the Princess. He is caught, but not before they gaze lovingly at each other. Abanazar arrives to save Aladdin claiming that he is the boy’s long lost uncle and will take him away and make him very rich. Abanazar leads Aladdin to a cave, where he must find the lamp but instead finds himself trapped in — he inadvertently summons the genie of the lamp — who grants Aladdin all his wishes. Abanazar believing Aladdin to be dead seeks a new plan for world domination, marrying Princess Jasmin. Aladdin arrives in Peking as Prince Jaffar and immediately makes plans to marry the Princess. Abanazar realizes it is Aladdin, so steals the lamp and all his magical powers. After a magical battle, the Genie and Aladdin are reunited and transform Abanazar’s evil ways  into good. Aladdin marries Princess Jasmin and they live happily ever after.
Songs Include: TBD


“…even more rambunctious and high-spirited than their previous offering!”…..Variety
“Those who have never been to a panto will have a glorious introduction to the form.”…..LA Times
“A very amusing romp and great treat for the season” ….LA Weekly
“One that will delight the entire household you’ll laugh yourselves silly” …..Broadway World
“The Holiday seasons family attraction”…..Backstage
“You will be truly enthralled by the enchanting and witty production” …..The Examiner
“Traditional British panto is a long time coming to this coast. That deficit is finally redressed with “Cinderella Christmas”.”….LA Weekly
“….I knew the producers had cracked it!”…. Guardian UK

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